Friday, 28 June 2013

Project Aella ©

What is Project Aella © ?

Project Aella tells the story of a young female protagonist who has to deal with the pain and loneliness of loss at an early age. Her experiences through life drive her to seek the truth, the reality of the cold world she lives in.

Throughout the game, the protagonist will come across various interesting, distinct and memorable characters who will contribute to the story in one way or another. Some of these characters will be usable at certain parts of the game due to their different abilities (e.g. some characters are better at CQC than others. CQC = Close Quarter Combat).

The game is penciled to be predominantly a Crime Scene Investigation game. However what we intend to achieve is an amalgamation of different genres into one unique experience (varied gameplay styles from adventure, driving, fact finding, exploration, stealth, undercover work, fighting, high speed chases e.t.c). Different missions will dictate what skills take precedent over the others. Some missions might require a combination of your different "skills" that you hone throughout the progression of the game. Skills are upgraded via a "skill point system". Think of it as a sort of currency.

While the game has an underlying theme running beneath it, each mission you successfully complete will be considered a piece of a much bigger puzzle. You will also have a "competence score" that grades how well you solve missions or accomplish tasks within the game.
In the end, we intend to achieve an immersive interactive entertainment experience, which can be enjoyed across multiple gaming devices.

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